We are a Unitarian Universalist congregation in East Brunswick, New Jersey

We practice inclusiveness and celebrate life in its variety, welcoming a diverse group of seekers - people interested in a freethinking religion; those looking for a community that welcomes them as they are, and values them for who they are; people of all ages, all races, backgrounds, orientations or origins are welcome to attend and help us build a beloved community.

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Sunday Services at 10:30

We hold worship services and religious education classes for children and youth every Sunday at 10:30 AM.   Please browse our site for more information about who we are and our programs and activities

Some of the Things We Believe In

As Unitarian-Universalists, we do not have a creed. The closest two things to one that we have are, first, this congregation's mission statement and, second, our Bond of Union, which we recite in each service, much as most Christian denominations would recide their Apostles' creed.

Our Mission

The Unitarian Society, a Unitarian Universalist congregation, is a welcoming, supportive and accepting environment of people with diverse beliefs.

We explore, develop and share our spiritual journeys, guided by principles of compassion, love, justice and service.

Our Bond of Union

"In the spirit of community and service, we unite in the quest for those values which give our lives deeper meaning and spiritual satisfaction, reserving to each individual the right to his or her own beliefs as to the nature of God and the universe."

Montessori School

The Unitarian Society of East Brunswick operates a Montessori school on its premises. For 26 years, The Unitarian Montessori School has been educating for young children, embracing a diversity of culture, nurturing appreciation and awareness of our human diversity, and emphasizing peace and cooperation.For more information, please visit the webpage.


Flower Communion at the Unitarian Society




Special Event: Photo Exhibit: Ongoing

"Across Watersheds"
Photography by Alison M. Jones
Conservation Photographer and Founding Director of No Water No Life .  
HERE for more information about the photographs and this special exhibit.

Find more information about this special presentation HERE.  For more information about Alison Jones, Judy Shaw and No Water No Life, visit the website HERE.


Coming up at The Unitarian Society

May 31:   After the Service, coffee, and refreshments
Annual Congregational Meeting. We'll vote on our leadership and budget, and discuss the upcoming search for a new minister.

June 5:   7:30
First Friday Films: "1971", a thriller about illegal FBI activities against anti-war protesters.

June 7:   Sunday Service, 10:30
Sermon: U is for Unity. Rev. Carol Thomas Cissel

June 7:   After the Service
Buddhism meditation group

June 7:  After the service, in the affirmation room
Religious education parent meeting

June 7:  After the service, in classroom #5
Book discussion group: The New John Crow

June 7:  12:15
Buddhist Meditation Group. Lauren Piserchia will lead us in the practice of Yoga Nidra.

June 14:   Sunday Service, 10:30
Sermon: Malvina Reynolds: UU philosopher and Songwriter. Pat Lamanna.

June 21:   Sunday Service, 10:30
Sermon: Just like my Dad Did. Rev. Carol Thomas Cissel

June 21:   During the Service
Fathers Day brunch

June 28:   Sunday Service, 10:30
Sermon: The Art and Science of Happiness. Sam Gugino.