Unitarian Socity of East Brunswick - Welcome All



We are a Unitarian Universalist congregation in East Brunswick, New Jersey

We practice inclusiveness and celebrate life in its variety, welcoming a diverse group of seekers - people interested in a freethinking religion; those looking for a community that welcomes them as they are, and values them for who they are; people of all ages, all races, backgrounds, orientations or origins are welcome to attend and help us build a beloved community.


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Sunday Services at 10:30

We hold worship services and religious education classes for children and youth every Sunday at 10:30 AM.   Please browse our site for more information about who we are and our programs and activities

Some Things We Believe In

As Unitarian-Universalists, we do not have a creed. The closest two things to one that we have are, first, this congregation's mission statement and, second, our Bond of Union, which we recite in each service, much as most Christian denominations would recide their Apostles' creed.


Our Mission

The Unitarian Society, a Unitarian Universalist congregation, is a welcoming, supportive and accepting environment of people with diverse beliefs.

We explore, develop and share our spiritual journeys, guided by principles of compassion, love, justice and service.


Our Bond of Union

"In the spirit of community and service, we unite in the quest for those values which give our lives deeper meaning and spiritual satisfaction, reserving to each individual the right to his or her own beliefs as to the nature of God and the universe."


Montessori School

The Unitarian Society of East Brunswick operates a Montessori school on its premises. For 26 years, The Unitarian Montessori School has been educating for young children, embracing a diversity of culture, nurturing appreciation and awareness of our human diversity, and emphasizing peace and cooperation.For more information, please visit the webpage.


Coming up at The Unitarian Society

Please join us for one or more of the events listed below. For more information on any activity, please contact the Society's office at (732) 246-3113. We welcome all into our house!

April 20:   Watercolor and Experience Art Group, 7pm

April 21,  7:30 pm Board Meeting

April 24:   Sunday Service, 10:30
Toward a Sustainable Environment: A Program to Honor Earth Day -- Sarah Liebau & David Harrison

April 26,   Shakespeare Reading Group, 7 pm
We will be reading from Hamlet.

April 27:   Watercolor and Experience Art Group, 7pm

April 28:   Womens' Discussion Group, 1pm

April 30:  Spring Cleanup. Last day to remove items from the storage room!

May 1:   Sunday Service, 10:30
Weaving Stories of Beloved Community, Part 1 -- Karen Jonston

May 1:   Buddhist Meditation Group (after the service and refreshments)
Alan Oliver will guide our continuing discussion of the Heart Suttra and its connection to The Middle Way.

May 5:   Going to a Somerset Patriots baseball game with our ministerial candidate, Karen Johnston.

May 7:  A relaxing evening of music, art, and wine. 4-8 pm.

May 8:  Socrates Café, 8:30 am

May 8:   Sunday Service, 10:30
Weaving Stories of Beloved Community, Part 2 -- Karen Jonston

May 8:   After the Service and refreshments
Congregational Vote on whether to affirm Karen Johnston as our settled minister

May 8:  Book Discussion Group, after the congregational vote
The Orphan Train by Christina Baker Kline.

May 8:  Souper Sunday, after the service.

May 15:   Buddhist Meditation Group (after the service and refreshments)
We will sit together in meditation.

May 22:   TUS Parent Group Meeting (11:45 am -- 1 pm)
This is a change from the original date of May 15th due to Rutgers commencement.

June 12:  Book Discussion Group,
Awakening to Your Life's Purpose by Eckart Tolle


Meet Karen Johnston, our ministerial candidate!

Candidate Karen Johnston


  • Watch Karen's video message to The Unitarian Society.
  • Read Karen's blog.

A Special Announcement From the Ministerial Search Committee

The Ministerial Search Committee is thrilled to announce our candidate for settled ministry is Karen Johnston! Karen will be joining us at TUS from April 30th through May 8th for candidating week, where she will make important connections with our community and preach two sermons on consecutive Sundays in May. We encourage all members of the TUS community to attend candidating events during this very important week. Details regarding the scheduled times, locations and types of upcoming events will be available for viewing by Tuesday, April 19, 2016. Thank you to all who have supported the Ministerial Search Committee through this extensive and enriching process. And now for some long-anticipated information about our candidate for settled ministry:
Karen grew up mostly in Oregon, where her mother’s side of the family have been for generations.  After coming East for college in the mid-1980s, she has lived in the Boston area, the Washington DC Metro area, and for the past two decades, in the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts. Karen’s older brother received his doctorate at Rutgers, so in a wonderful coincidence, Karen spent the summer of 1988 living in Central New Jersey in Jamesburg, anticipating the birth of her nephew.
She graduated from Hamilton College with a BA in Women’s Studies and spending much of her time involved in anti-Apartheid and feminist activism.   Attending to justice issues as they relate to race, poverty, violence, gender and sexual identity, and climate change are important to her.  Before entering professional ministry, Karen worked as a licensed clinical social worker for 20+ years, gaining her MSW from Smith College School for Social Work (doing her two internships in the DC area), and then worked in the field of birth-to-three home visiting, including working as an independent trainer and consultant for the past seven years while putting herself through seminary.

She received her Masters of Divinity in a cooperative program from both Hartford Seminary and Andover Newton Theological School in December 2015, which is also when she passed the Ministerial Fellowship Committee with their highest honors.  She completed her internship as a hospital chaplain at Baystate Medical Canter in Springfield, Massachusetts.  She is finishing up a two-year part-time parish ministry internship at First Parish Church of Groton (also in Massachusetts), including currently serving them as their sabbatical minister.  Before her internship, she served as part-time co-minister at Village Church in Cummington, MA for two years.  She will be ordained in just a few weeks by both her internship congregation and her home congregation, the Unitarian Society of Northampton & Florence, on June 5, to which you are all invited.
Karen maintains a Buddhist meditation practice (Insight Meditation) and finds stimulation, inspiration, and helpful spiritual tools in this realm.  Her spouse, Tony, who is originally from England, is a long-time Buddhist who will be retiring from teaching high school humanities to join her at the end of the calendar year.  Karen has two young adult children whom she adopted when they were little, as well as is step mother to Tony’s two adult children.
Not only has she lived on both coasts of this country, she has lived in West Germany; has studied in Sweden and East Africa; and traveled to Leningrad, Cuba (for her honeymoon in 2011), to the UK, and Myanmar/Burma.  Karen is a poet and used to take part in grassroots poetry slams and festivals.  She has an irreverent side.  She has been blogging for the past three years.  Karen says, “I believe that we are at our best when each of us — as individuals, as well as when we gather as congregations — is able to live into the markers of spiritual maturity (as described by the humanist UU minister, Kendyll Gibbons).  In this practice are the seeds of peace — peace within us and peace in the world.  I believe we honor our historical and contemporary understanding of religious pluralism through the practice of humility with respect to the answers we and others find to Life’s Deep Questions and to celebrate the wide and inspired creativity of humanity across the ages to honor Great Mysteries.

The Ministerial Search Committee is incredibly excited about Karen's visit to TUS and we hope you are able to set aside some time to meet her and see why we feel she is an excellent choice to be our next Settled Minister!